Founded in 2011, Leigh Luna is an environmentally conscious and experimental brand designed and manufactured in New York City. The collection continues to evolve and our organically designed pieces always embody a bohemian, earthen and tribal vibe. We have a production line available for retail and wholesale but also create many one of a kind pieces utilizing vintage and worldly artifacts that are available only in our online boutique. From humble beginnings just a short time ago, Leigh Luna has blossomed into a brand that now ships jewelry all over the world. 

Our founder/designer/little chief Katie Leigh grew up in the family horticulture business. She spent a lot of time learning about plants in the greenhouses, shopping antiques for the flower shop, harvesting heirloom tomatoes in the garden and running the family farm stand. There is an undeniable natural influence from these experiences that is reflected in Leigh Luna. From farming to fashion, she later studied design and went on to work in the fashion industry for several years taking on jewelry as an after hours hobby. With hobby turned business, in many ways it's the contrast of these worlds that give the collection a unique perspective.

It's no secret that jewelry production can be very toxic and often damaging to the environment robbing the earth of minerals and metals. We make every effort in our bench practice to make sustainable, low-impact choices. We utilize local manufacturers and recycled metals whenever possible. Our packaging is not only beautiful but it's also biodegradable. Our studio is wind powered under a new sustainable power option offered by New York State (we love you New York!).

We hope you find something you love here in the shop. If you're interested in custom design or wholesale, drop us a line! We would love to hear from you.


Proudly made with love in New York City


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